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4 Ways to Bring the Holidays Into Your Hotel Room

Canberra has some of the most popular Christmas events in Australia, from the record-breaking Canberra Christmas tree (with the most lights on any artificial Christmas tree) to the historic Christmas Carol Ball. And understandably, you and your family want to take a vacation this holiday season to make the most of these magical opportunities.

However, when you arrive at your hotel room, you might struggle to feel the Christmas spirit. Though the lobby comes beautifully decorated, the suites and apartments may lack the traditional tree, presents and stockings you and your family have come to love.

So what can you do to bring the holidays to your hotel room?

1. Pack an Artificial Tree

A traditional 250 cm Christmas tree would prove difficult to bring with you on vacation, no matter if you travel by plane, boat, train or car. But that doesn't mean you have to skip the Christmas tree entirely.

Many artificial trees come in miniature sizes convenient for travelling. A tiny tree might only span 25 cm (or less) and can fit in your suitcase without too much fuss. Simply set it on the table or night stand for a little Christmas cheer.

Tight on luggage space? Purchase a decorative cardboard cut-out of a Christmas tree. Many cut-outs will fold and fit into the smallest pockets.

2. Cut Out Paper Chains and Snowflakes

Canberra never sees any snow during the Christmas season, though the occasional rainstorm shows up every few years. Despite the warm weather, snowflakes have long been a symbol of the Christmas season. So feel free to make your own snow storm with a pair of scissors and lots of white paper. Then, scatter the flakes about the room.

If your children like to count, use your scissors and paper to craft a paper chain, with each link representing one of the days leading up to Christmas. Drape the chain over the bedpost, and every day of your vacation, let your children unhook one of the links.

3. Display Your Wrapped Presents

During a normal Christmas season, you might hide presents in a closet or under your bed. Then, in the early morning hours, you may set out the presents and wait to surprise your kids with gifts under the tree.

But when you spend the holidays at a hotel, you might not have a lot of room to keep presents hidden, nor will you have an easy time secretly slipping out of bed to place your gifts.

So rather than hide your gifts, wrap them in brightly coloured paper and ribbon and put them on display. The presents will not only act as cheery decorations, but they can also spark your child's excitement for the big day.

4. Light Electric Candles

Candles make your home feel cosy. Christmas candles in particular come with a variety of scents, such as pine, cinnamon, gingerbread and peppermint to put you in the holiday mood.

But real candles also increase the risk for fires, and most hotels restrict the use of any matches, lighters or flammable objects in the individual rooms. Furthermore, wax candles tend to crumble or melt during flights and road trips, and the dripping wax may damage your luggage.

Fortunately, electric candles travel well, and they fit in the average suitcase. Some electric alternatives even have special programming so they appear to flicker like real flames.

Enjoy Your Holidays Away From Home

As you decorate your hotel room with presents and snowflakes, keep in mind that your ornaments should never permanently damage any of the room's features. Do not use tacks, nails, screws or glue to mount your items. And do not hang any personal effects from the ceiling or sprinkler outlets.

When you keep these tips in mind, you can still feel the Christmas spirit even when you spend time away from home.  

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