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7 Tips for a Hotel Stay with Kids

Family vacation presents an opportunity to bond with your children and make lasting memories. However, travelling with kids also creates a set of unique challenges. In this blog, we give you seven tips to make the time you spend in your hotel as simple and memorable as the time you spend sightseeing.

1. Create a List of Accommodations or Amenities You Need        

Before you book your room or suite, think about what you need out of your hotel. Make a list of items you need the hotel to provide. For example, you might need a mini fridge to keep milk cold overnight or a first-floor room so you can avoid carrying a stroller or car s eat upstairs. Look for hotels that can meet your needs.

2. Make Allowances for Space and Convenience

As a single adult traveller, you were able to make a small space in a hostel work. As a parent, however, you need a safe, clean space where you'll have the simplest time possible caring for and entertaining your kids.

For this reason, you may need to plan a larger budget when you take a trip with kids. Consider reserving a suite or apartment so your kids have more room to move around. This way, you can also spend time in another room while the kids are asleep.

3. Make Clear, Specific Reservations

Once you know what you need in a hotel, make your reservations. When you book your accommodations, be specific. In addition to specifying how many beds you need, ask about in-room amenities. These may include a microwave, fridge, minibar, television, or entertainment system. Some hotels even offer cribs to family travellers like you.

4. Choose a Single Hotel for the Duration of Your Trip

Children, especially those under the age of seven, need stability. A vacation creates enough of a change in pace for your kids without hotel hopping every other night.

Your hotel room will serve as a second home for your kids while on your trip. Choose one close enough to the sights you plan to visit so you don't have to change room’s midway through your trip.

5. Pack Light and Keep Track of Your Kids' Possessions

Try not to pack more than you can carry while walking for a standard distance. Allow your kids to bring some of their favourite toys or books in a bag. But avoid over-packing. The more you bring with you, the higher the chances that you'll lose items when you check out of your hotel room.

If possible, put all similar items in the same place each night. Pack dirty clothes in a single suitcase, put toys back in a bag after playtime, and so on.

6. Baby proof as Needed

When you check in to your room, do a sweep of the space. Check for any cords lying out, unprotected outlets, or other hazards. You can bring some safeguards with you (like outlet covers), but for some hazards, you'll simply need to pick them up and put them out of your kids' reach.

7. Divide and Organise the Hotel Space

As a parent, you know how complex a child's day can be. If you plan to stay in your hotel room for three days or more, divide the space. Designate a portion of a counter for diapering, put your children's clothes in a particular corner, and keep your bags in the closet.

A little organisation can simplify the way you feed, dress, and care for your children in the diminished space available in a hotel room.

A little organisation can simplify the way you feed, dress, and care for your children in the diminished space available in a hotel room.

If you need special accommodations for your children or have other questions, speak to the staff at your chosen hotel. They can help you ensure that you and your kids have a safe, enjoyable stay.

Room Options best suited for families at Capital Executive Apartment Hotel

CF5 -  Family Room

Quality and affordable hotel family room features a queen bed, king single bed & bunk bed all in one room sleeping 5, a perfect option for families with young children.
Family Rooms

CE5 -  ONE Bedroom Spa Suite

Our largest room that accommodates up to 5 adults comfortably all in full size beds. The CE5 Family Spa Suites feature a Queen bed in bedroom, king single bed & bunk bed in the lounge room. The one bedroom family spa suites are one of our most popular rooms and its best to book in early to avoid disappointment. 
One Bedroom Spa Family Suite
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